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Q&A with Dr J – Procedures After Massive Weight Loss

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio and surrounding communities.

– Anyway, I don’t know about you guys but it’s back to work, work, work, work. Today I thought we’d do a little bit about what you can do after massive weight loss. So what is massive weight loss? Means like, you get a gastric bypass, gastric sleeve. The new Orbera balloon’s are out. Orbera is kind of a balloon that they put in your stomach and when they put that balloon in your stomach it stops you from eating. I’ve been appro- Not really sure of that yet, but we have a lot of good and excellent and great gastric surgeons in this town. So maybe not. So if you guys are out there send some people to me so I won’t do the Orbera balloon. Um, kidding but not kidding. So anyway, when you, people don’t realize it when you get these gastric sleeves or these gastric bypass procedures that once you get them you start to lose a massive amount of weight. And when you start loosing this massive amount of weight you get this kind of a loose skin, Including the neck and the jowls. Jess said she can’t hear anything.

– [Woman] Instagram’s like black.

– What?

– [Woman] Instagram’s like black.

– Oh it is?

– [Joe] Is that Instagram that said that?

– I don’t know let’s take a look. She’s gotta, she’s gotta tell us which one.

– [Joe] Yeah we’re, lemme see if I’ve got sound on here.

– Which platform, Jess? Uh, phone issue not on this side but on someone else’s side. So when you get these procedures, gastric bypass, lap-band. Oh, thank you. Lapita said I can here you on Facebook. Jess that’s your issue. Darn it.

– [Woman] Instagram is good now.

– And Instagram where hurricane Ashley just joined. If you don’t know who hurricane Ashley is, she’s over there. And now you’re gonna see

– Works for Marriott. right here, she works for Mario. She works for

– In the household the Jeneby household ’cause she’s actually Jeneby. And there’ “nine ways to make it”. Joe John, my producer And so we’re gonna show you them real quickly and some behind the scenes of my jimmy jam right here. Here’s Ashley Jeneby over there, with a beer. Just kidding she doesn’t drink.

– No it’s tea. It’s a tea. Here’s Joe John the producer. He’s making awesome video’s from us, for us. So back to what we’re doing. I’m tryna wave at all ya’ll, jeez.

– [Woman] What’s up.

– So we’re back. Wade Eckels is watching. You’re boy, is watching so okay, you get these gastric sleeve, get this gastric bypass. I can hear you on IG. Okay we got it, thanks Donna, so it’s your prob- it’s starts to melt, looks like your face is melting off, you’re arms, your chest for men, your abdomen, even your legs. And Wade Eckels says Whoohoo Ashley, by the way.

– [Woman] I know.

– She loves you. So I get a lot of this where people will come to me and say if I had known I maybe- All health issues. Vella64166 says hello. How’re you doing Vella? Make sure tonight you’re gonna text in your name, email and phone number to 210-890-2277. What you’ll get for that is $250 off any surgery including the specials we have. For the five ring specials it’s right now up on my website and oh we have a question here. And then $99, uh $129 for 20 units of Botox, uh of Ju-, Juvo. SO, Juvo is the new tox. It says, “Question for you Doc, I had a tummy tuck done six or more years ago and I still have pain at times when I stand and stretch. It feels like it starts pulling. Is this normal?” It can be, or it can be a hernia. It’s better to go back to the guy who did it or a general surgeon or a plastic surgeon so when can kind of check you out. We can’t do much over this but it’s, a good question. So like, as soon as that stuff starts to melt you wanna go do something, so I’m gonna show you some pictures of patients that are on the website that had some weight loss. And then a few of them are actually older and we were able to really get their looks different just by a little bit of surgery. So this patient here, she had a little bit of weight loss and she also was aging and as you can see on the left side here we did a mini face lift with just the face and neck . And you can see, like right there she has loose skin, it’s kind of a loose areolar neck and a midface that’s sliding. We didn’t touch her eyes, upper lids, lower lids, or brow but we did touch, we did touch the neck and face. And they can see from the 3/4 view how impressive this is. And I want you guys out there to guess how old she is. I’ll let you guys guess. So you could see here with a well placed face and neck, these are not threads or some other b.s., this is real deal face lift and only a plastic surgeon or a maxillofacial surgeon or an ENT can do it. But I’m biased to plastic surgeons.

– [Joe] Is she like 72?

– I want you guys to guess how old she is. ‘Cause you will not believe it. So again, this girl here, oh Danielle, says hello from Danielle Getty, Garen. Family nurse practitioner in phoenix, hello how are you? Welcome. So again, here we go. I want you guys to guess how old she is. I’m just gonna pass this along each camera, slowly. And she had a wonderful result. Slowly. I haven’t seen her in a long time but I wish she would come for basic stuff. Again you could see the lateral, the power of a neck lift. Right there. The power of a neck lift. There you go. First 20 people that text in Juvo gets it for $129 or about, that’s roughly six dollars a unit and I’m, yes I will loose a little money on that but I’m tryna get you into our beautiful spa so you guys’ll do more stuff and eventually have surgery with me. Again there’s a lateral. There’s a before, right there. Okay, everybody see it? Before. After. Before. After. Again, I want somebody to try and guess her age. And if you do, you guys are awesome sauce.

– [Woman} Maybe Dory said 70.

– 70? Keep going, this lady is not 70.

– [Joe] What?

– Pink princess, our girl says hello Ash.

– [Ashley] Oh yay.

– We love you Pink Princess. So this lady is not 70. Oh hurricane Ashley hit 75. Nope. Higher than that. Okay, don’t look at the post-op, I wanted you guys to look at the pre-op. So we got right there. So I’ll let you guys just guess on that again. She had weight loss and she was older and she got a neck lift, mini face lift. So we’re gonna go down from here and we’re gonna hit the arms next, okay.

– [Ashley] Wait, how old is she?

– Is everybody done guessing? You can’t keep guessing.

– [Ashley] Why not I’m guess.

– [Joe] 81, 85.

– She was 84 years old in that picture.

– Ugh, I had 82.

– Two people said 85.

– Okay Michael, nice one you’re aw, yes 85, good job. Good job everybody. Michael you were close, Laden you almost hit 84 1/2, 85. Monica, 85, good. Carmen, 79, perfect.

– [Joe] We need some more likes.

– What?

– [Joe] Ask for likes.

– Everybody hit the like button, will ya? On who?

– [Joe] On just whatever, Facebook, Instagram, whatever.

– Okay, you guys all want me to do all this stuff, okay. So if you like this, please hit some likes so my producer can be happy. And it, I think I saw something on YouTube here.

– [Joe] Yeah, she responded back.

– Oh, what did she say here?

– [Joe] She said that her husband, uh-

– I had it done when my husband was still in the Army. The doctor that did it was military. I have no idea where he is now. I was a blank. I was a surge tech and my scar didn’t- okay well you need to come in and be seen. So that we can see what’s going on. 86donalDead so at 86, okay. So I’m gonna look for some more post-ops. And I wanna show you some arms because for some reason San Antonio loves to get arm lifts, because I guess we wear, um… I’ve voted for Trump, you my a.. What? I voted for what? So, anyway, let’s start looking at arm lifts okay? Arm lifts are comin’ up. So we’ve done a little bit of the face, again, this is like what they call a midface lift and a neck lift, okay. So I take an incision in front of the ear, I hide it mostly in the ear, around the ear, come back behind and then down the hairline. Okay? This right here then gets pulled up in almost a lateral orbicular, or sorry, oblique later sweep, and this gets pulled up this way with a little bit of liposuction. It’s a really really awesome, awesome, we’re getting a lot of likes, thank you. Everybody that’s watching please hit the like button a few times so we can make everybody happy. And more people can see it. Kay said thank you, I’ll be coming in to see you. I love listening to you on the Billy Madison show. If you guys are listening tomorrow about 7 am, I’ll be on. And you guys all are more than welcome to call in tomorrow. Billy Madison show, 99.5 kiss. If you listen to a Cox radio or you listen to i Hart it’s the Kiss 99.5 San Antonio. The number one morning show and it’s syndicated. So when I’m talking I’m in seven States and it’s awesome. I love it. We’re having a little issue here of pulling up my website here. So we’re gonna just refresh a little bit, see what happens. And continue on. A lot of people want to know what to do with this area here. I do have some things I wanna show you, however, my computer’s acting up slightly so I’ll just keep talking while we get this up. And a lot of people come to see me for their arms. I don’t know what it is. I guess ’cause of tank tops you wanna get this arm really nice and tight. So when you’re in a bathing suite or, especially you’re in a tank top you’re lookin’ good. Chanel Lux berry Cho just said hello. So Melissa, what?

– [Joe] Link one of the comments on, on YouTube

– Face lift with SMAS? On YouTube

– Oh.

– Okay, I’m gonna look at a quick comment on YouTube. I voted for Trump, you mow? You mad? Ah, no.

– [Joe] Any other reason other than, I guess

– Oh okay, YouTube people are crazy, yeah, okay. Thank you for coming, we’re gonna be waiting for you. Okay? So I’m tryna get on my website here. And we should be able to get on here in a little bit. You know these, the problem is sometimes our WiFi gets caught up in all this other stuff so let me just type in my stuff here. And get back to what we are doing let it reload. We just added a ton of before and afters on there. Including new Aspen. We’ll talk about capsular contracture next week. Which is a hardening of the breast. And Melissa K. Lina said face lift with SMAS lift. Of course, we always do a SMAS lift, actually it’s called a MACS lift. Minimal access cranial suspension, where not only do I pull the skin back but the underneath muscles, I’ll pull straight up. And we have that. So while this loads up, it’s a little slow tonight ’cause I guess they’re doing some work on it. But I will definitely get you the pictures as soon as it loads up in a few minutes. And so, getting back to the arms. Ah, somebody, Clara Contraress replying to Joe. Joe Vega and I need a tummy tuck. You’ve come to the right place. We do a lot of tummy tucks. Um. So, tummy tucks, we- I’m tryin’ to show you some pictures of it, unfortunately the website is doing some funny things. Oh there we go. So let me show you a little bit of tummy tucks and things like that. But let me show you some arms first. Okay? ‘Cause I think you guys are gonna like the arms, a lot. Somebody on YouTube said, Carey Campbell, she’s 100% disabled veteran, do you take veterans choice insurance. I’m sorry we do not take any insurance. But we definitely have financing. Yes, C-section pouch on twitter. Yes I do help with C-section pouches, I know exactly what you are talking about with a C-section pouch and I do help that. So we’re gonna show you some arm pictures here next. Comin’ up. And let’s see, before and after gallery, let’s go here. And look at our before and afters gallery here. We’ll go back to home. Yeah definitely, they’re working on my website tonight. I can see it, before and after. Here we go. And we’re gonna look at some arms then we’ll look at tummy then we’ll do- It is goin’ nuts. So let’s look at some arms right now. Now that we’ve reloaded the server. And that you guys can look at arms because arms are a huge deal in south Texas. And in San Antonio, in general, I do a lot of arms. From the arms for guys, sometimes guys get a little extra skin of the b- Sometimes they need like a lift, plus gynecomastia removal, plus lipo. And sometimes they need all that plus axillary lipo and sometimes the sides. Guys, don’t make a mistake of going to somebody who doesn’t understand the male chest. Which is not only the area under the nipple, which has a gynecomastia tissue, or female tissue. You have to remove that and you have to lipo the area also lipo the sides. For females a breast lift is always always something that, something is done with a circular incision and down with a lift. In 85% of you, need some type of, oh it finally loaded up. Gosh. Okay this a little bit of graphic but it has a breast. I don’t think I can show you that. I wish I could. Ugh, all these have breast on it. Facebook wouldn’t like that. So I just gotta show you an arm here. Let me see if I can show you some arms. Arms by themselves look pretty good. It’s just that Facebook and Instagram doesn’t allow boobs. Boobs on patrol. But like, here’s an arm that we did. You could see the excess. This was a brachioplasty. Oh yeah, somebody named Rubalynn, can’t read that, Baxter. A what’s that say?

– [Ashley] Um.

– Oh yes I have my quote for that, I’m trying to grind at work to get it done. Yes. So she understands hard work gets you what you want. Hard work gets you what you want. So there you go, there’s arm lift. I can’t show you the other ones ’cause they’re boobs in the picture, with nipples so if you want to you can go to my website and go check it out, but… And I’m trying to show you some other pictures of arms but it’s real slow tonight. Gonna have to talk to my web guys.

– [Ashley] Can you do tummy tuck and arms? Or no?

– So some people say what else can we, can we do a lot of things together? I like a breast lift, with an implant plus arms at the same time. That’s an exciting operation. That takes a lift, it rejuvenates the breast and the cut from the arm can extend down take this extra tissue here on the sides that we have and then circle in a continue on as a breast lift.

– [Ashley] What if I’m a little scared about like the scarring? Because some girls have horrible arm scars.

– Some people do have horrible arm scars. Some people don’t. So not everyone has bad arm scars. We do have arm creams, I mean we have scar creams and we also have lasers.

– [Ashley] That will- diminish.

– That will help. It’s not gonna be at like 100% gone but we do have people after years that they don’t really see their scar. I mean.

– [Ashley] And it’s on the inside, right?

– And with, the way I make a scar, it’s almost on the underside and it continues down into the axilla and that’s how we can continue with the breast at the same time. So get the breast done, the axilla and the arms, all at once. Okay we got a burst of likes. I think that was you.

– [Joe] Yeah I’m goin’ through like everybody’s stuff.

– Oh, you’re liking everybody’s stuff.

– [Joe] yeah

– Okay. So anyway, little housekeeping, don’t forget to text your name, your mobile, and your phone, and what you want done to 210-890-2277. And I am taking virtual consults tonight. You guys can get to my virtual consult with Dr. Jeneby, with doxy.me/virtualconsults.

– [Ashley] Rubalynn Baxter, we also have financing.

– And Rubalynn Baxter says hopefully I have enough, with my birthday September seven 20, oh yeah. I think you should. But we can also finance. Take down the website on, we can write down on Twitter, let’s make a quick comment on the Twitter, I want it on Instagram. ‘Cause, Kristen I think just added text to call. Or was that you on Facebook?

– [Ashley] I did Instagram.

– You did that?

– [Joe] That was me.

– On Facebook?

– [Ashley] I did Instagram

– [Joe] I did Facebook.

– You did Facebook, oh okay.

– [Joe] I’m going to do all of them.

– All right.

– [Joe] Everybody will be able to see them.

– Jessica and Kristen, you guys are supposed to be doing these, but Ashley’s doing it for you. So let’s see. My arms are so ugh, by Rubalynn Baxter, it’s hard to fit them in blouses and I’m anxious. Oh man, okay, well. We’re here for you. So, I do a lot of arms, basically just do a lot of mommy make overs in general, or multiple procedures. Our specialty is multiple procedures at once. Through our joint commission, right here, Accredited surgery center. Of course I’m also Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and been a long time member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Right there. Let’s see what else I can get you, there.

– [Ashley] What’s your down time for your arm?

– So arm downtime, you can’t lift anything heavy, 10 pounds over probably about three to four weeks. And remember, I have a lot of people who are hair dressers where they wanna do some of this. The problem is you can make your scar a little wide. So just use your good judgment. A lot of hair dressers come in and say, okay well I’ll just do men for a couple of days, so. There are free virtual consults. We’re gonna put this on all of them. Type this into your, um, your

– [Woman] Browser.

– Browser. Www-, https, and we’re gonna put it on Instagram. We’re gonna put it on Facebook and we’re gonna put it on YouTube. So we’re on four platforms now. Don’t forget if you wanna get in, just go there. Now we’re gonna go down to the stomach, the area, the tummy area. The tummy area you can have several types of tummy tucks. You can have, remember this is after massive weight loss. Main people go for it standard large tummy tuck. That removes a lot of skin, repositions the belly button, and tightens the muscles. And then liposuction is about five areas, including the mons. The mons is that are just below the crease what would be a c-section crease. That gets kinda fat and you have to lipo that and lift. Somebody said Rubalynn Baxter boo Facebook lol. I don’t know what that means. Maybe she doesn’t like Facebook. But if you guys want to do a virtual consult just come to our virtual consult room. The virtual consult room is free tonight. And then, it’s normally $75. It is free if you want me to take a look. And matter of fact I’ll just go to there right now to do that. So we got the tummy, the tummy area, tummy tucks, with liposuction, the flacks and upper back, mons area. Remember we also finance you. We have an in-house financing program were you put 65-75% down and then we finance you the 25-35% over the next year. And that’s a good, for most people we get. We have a lot of people with consults tonight, everybody don’t forget. And remember in about, not this Thursday but next Thursday if you guys are in the area, we do our mini called moonlight consults were I get to see you and we get to go from there. Sorry my computer went down a little bit, it’s kind of odd. I’m working on it but it’s kinda weird that it picked this time or it could just be that it’s, they’re doing a lot of work on it. So, the virtual consults it’s under doxy.me and I get the consult right under here. Did you wanna raise your hand? I get the consults right on my phone, right here. So once you go onto doxy.me it alerts me and I can look at you right on my phone. Right into the virtual consult. You can use your phone as well. i Phones work the best but all of them work as well. So you can get onto your phone and go to the doxy.me and I’ll show you what that looks like here. What this looks like, it looks like that. Sorry it just blanked out.

– Man, I think I WiFi is really jacked today. Okay. So it says welcome Dr. Jeneby for me but that’s the waiting room. Okay? And so in my waiting room it’ll show me that you’re in the waiting room once you get in there. And then we’ll just talk on my cell phone. Or on the desk top. So we’re finally getting back. I need to like show you guys some stuff. I forgot I can’t show you breasts. I can show you tummies but it’s kind of like wonky tonight. Back down to the legs. Now the legs are tricky because when you have the legs, let’s see, Rubalynn Baxter says I’ll take a scar over all this excess skin any day. Yeah that’s what most people say. It’s true. So, as you can see, this is the waiting room. It’s HIPPA compliant, I will not share your name with anyone and you can get in there tonight, doxy.me/virtualconsult or Dr. Jeneby consult. Real easy to get to. Now we’re gonna just start with the legs. I’m trying to show you some thigh lifts, I apologize. We do have these things on the website but it is just not cooperating with us tonight, but oh well, it’s not the end of the world. We’re gonna live everybody, we will live to tell another day. Next week though, I do wanna talk about something near and dear. We got the only machine in San Antonia that helps with capsular contracture. So next week is all about breasts, about capsules, a hardening of the breast, misshapen breasts, one breast is higher than the other, one breast is lower, they’re not as soft. And even if you don’t have a capsule and you want your breasts to be softer, slightly, then you can come in and see us. Okay? ‘Cause the Aspen isn’t just for capsules, it’s actually to soften areas. Which we’re gonna be pushing real hard to get you to really understand the Aspen technologies, which we are very proud of. That we’re the only machine in San Antonio that can help capsular contraction non-surgically at this point. What’s left? So we go the arms, we did the legs, the medial thighs. The medial thighs are hard because a leg is shaped like a cone. So let’s say this is your leg and you just liposuction the inside of your leg you still have a cone that has excess fat. So you really have to lipo all the way around called lipo 360 of your legs in order to reduce a cone shape, into a smaller cone shape. Then what we do is we cut the sides of the legs for a medial thigh lift. I had a lady come the other day that wants to get a medial thigh lift so we’re working on that with her and she should be ready for that, excuse me, in probably a couple of months. She’s gonna loose a little bit more weight first. Get down on her weight so there’s not much we have to do. Ugh, we’re starting to get some action. So here is a lady who had, what they call, she called herself her but, her but tummy. And we purposely lowered the stars so you guys can see it. Now that scar is hidden by most underwear and most pant lines. So she had a but for a tummy and so she had a vertical and a horizontal scar. We converted everything to a horizontal, made her a nice cute belly button, right there. Right there. And right there. Everybody sees it. I know you guys are seeing it for the first time some of you. So go to the website we have beautiful before and afters for you.

– What? You okay?

– [Joe] I was thinking about the breast hopefully they don’t…

– Oh yeah, oh. No use now. So let’s see this. So what we’re gonna do here is see if we got another tummy here. Tummy tucks are easier to show. I’m gonna show you some medial thigh lifts next week when we do the capsular contracture as well. And once we do the capsular contracture you’ll be able to see breast and a little of the tummy. We’ve had a really good luck with that. I can’t wait to show you guys that next week. It’s such a hot new technology that we brought into the city for you guys. Again, if you no anybody who wants it. Here’s a mini tummy tuck, somebody asked me about a c-section, so this right here is somebody who had that lap over from a c-section. And we converted here with a mini tummy tuck to remove that lapping skin. Right there. Lapping skin from a c-section. See that. And we removed that extra skin from a c-section scar that had skin coming over the incision. So that’s pretty nice. Right Ash?

– [Ashley] How long do you have to wait?

– So I would wait about six weeks to nine weeks after a c-section. Even maybe three months to six months would be even better to have any surgery after your last baby. I would not have surgery in between babies unless it’s totally torturing you, but you’re gonna know that you’re gonna push that back out. You’re gonna push that incision back out. So I’m tryin’gto find you a medial thigh lift here but the Internet’s running a little bit slow tonight. So.

– [Ashley] We have some people that wanna do consults and I told them they start at 8:05 tonight.

– Okay if you guys wanna do consults, I am on my phone right here. I’m waiting for you. And we will be right here in the waiting room.

– [Joe] I’ll put it back up in there.

– Yeah. So you can see here, I’ll be right there. so here I am, waiting room time, doxy.me. We’ll talk right now. We’re gonna start hearing your consults in less than three minutes so get in the waiting room, doxy.me/Drjenebyconsult. Don’t forget to text me your name, your email, and your phone to get 20 units of nutox which is the newest form of botulism toxin that helps with lines, fine lines and wrinkles. That’s what I use now. And getting that will get it to you for $129, normally priced at $200, $129. Kate Nedved Campbell said my incision from my tuck six years is still purple and has very hard little balls inside the incision. I’d have to like, Kate, I’d have to see you about that. That’d be real hard to diagnose over Facebook and I really can’t. So if you’re in the area let me know. Solano Plastic Surgery just joined us. What’s up man. I like his stuff too. If you guys are in his area, I can’t remember, Dr. Solano, you let me know where you are. I thought you were in Chicago, Beverly Hills, or New York or in Miami. Some place bigger. But, so Rubalynn Baxter says do you go down to the calf. That’s funny because I will lipo the calf and I’ve done a calf skin removal as well as a medial thigh lift. So I’ve done almost a full incision. I’ll stop usually around the knee and give you a break around the knee because you don’t want to go across the knee with a scar. So I have done that. Remember, if you guys want we’re gonna be on the phone with you on virtual consult doxy.me/drjenebyplasticsurgery. Oh okay so, Katie Nedved Campbell wants to do doxy consult we’ve already put it up there, it’s two above you. You gotta get in the waiting room. Https:/doxy.me. Look two above- Rebecca at the spa, she almost never misses these anymore. And she’s awesome if you want your injections done right. She can also be found at @nursebotox on her Instagram. So the waiting room is open. There’s free virtual consults tonight after the show. Again, I do not charge for these, normally they’re $75. What you need to do and what we see if really a good deal. Don’t forget also to go over to my YouTube and like my YouTube channel, Dr. Jeneby plastic surgery because we post probably four to eight new videos a week on surgical stuff including live surgeries. We also post really neat stuff that you need to know about. We post stuff like q&a with Dr. J. We post the old ones on there. Also these go on my website so in case you guys wanna hear about something you can look about it, look at it anytime you want on the website. We do virtual consults, we do moonlight consults. Next Thursday, next Thursday at my office we’re doing virtual consults. I’m sorry.

– [Ashley] Do you wanna talk about new book stuff to?

– Oh so, we’re also doing a book signing uh…

– [Ashley] It’s going to be December…

– December 14th or 18th. I can’t remember now. You caught me off guard. But, do you remember when it is?

– [Ashley] December 18th I think.

– December 18th at the Rustic. If you guys are there this is a great book called “Confessions of a Plastic Surgeon”. Please buy it because 20% of the proceeds go to. So the Rustic at seven I’ll be signing books. I’m also gonna be signing books at the premed honors society AED at UTSA. Because I was invited and I just been pretty lucky lately and I’m really happy. I appreciate you guys coming and watching us tonight. I think this was educational for you. I’m sorry we had a few guffaws here but in general it was good. Oh I wanna show you one last thing. So this lady had some, you guys just not looking for a surgery yet this is a cool sculpting. It’s not bad, she had four treatments. This is before and this is after. I’m sorry the lighting is different, I’m gonna call myself out on that but the girl should know better. But you can see the thickness here and how thin that thinned out on her cool sculpting. Which is pretty awesome. Almost set? So in case you don’t need, you don’t want surgery. Now remember surgery is ultimately the most definitive way to get rid of loose skin. She did not have loose skin so she was a total candidate for cool sculpting. Again, Crystal Certa, thank you for joining us. Old friend. It’s time for me to go. I gotta get in here to these virtual consults but just let me know, there’s a notification. So just let me know. Again, we’ll be in the virtual waiting room. Somebodies in there now. So I’ll be leaving here in a few minutes. Just let me know, there’s my dog, I think she thought that that was the door. If you guys wanna see a cool of a really cool dog, here she is. She’s a big bull mastiff trying to eat something. Let me just show you. I’ll just show you the dog right here.

– [Ashley] It’s okay doggy.

– There’s a dog right there.

– [Ashley] It’s okay.

– It’s a bull mastiff that wants to eat everybody. Which is why I bought here. So anyway thank you guys for watching. We’re having a little fun. We’ll see you next week. Next Tuesday we’re gonna be back on Tuesday’s. We’re gonna talk about capsular contracture and what you can do to, and how to cure it, and how not to cure it. And some of the voodoo and some of the science. And the new machines that we have. I appreciate you guys, God bless. And I’ll see you soon.

– [Ashley] It’s funny because when she first came now she’s real quiet.

– Now she’s-

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Before and After Gallery

Ensure yourself the best cosmetic procedure experience by coming to the Plastic & Cosmetic Center of South Texas. Dr. Jeneby is a reputed San Antonio plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of surgical procedures. See his work by clicking the button below!