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Q&A with Dr J – Cellulite Removal and Cellulite Reduction Treatment

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Q&A, we’re all live, YouTube is going ballistic. I’m gonna have to figure this thing out, man, YouTube. Ugh, what a pain. All these people are joining us, yay. Today we are going to be doing a talk on cellulite. It’s a huge, scary word. Somebody the other day called in “The Billy Madison Show,” and they asked me if a butt cream works on cellulite. So I giggled, but I really took that to heart. It was, like, last Wednesday or Thursday. And we were on the air, it was like, six in the morning. Let’s see if that goes live, maybe you can troubleshoot this a little bit. Sorry, we’re having a little trouble with our Twitter. I have no idea what’s going on, but he’ll figure it out, he’s real smart. And from that talk, at like six in the morning, when I was live on “The Billy Madison Show,” I finally figured out that maybe we have to discuss, sorry about how Facebook here, just getting you all leveled out. Maybe we have to discuss cellulite. I mean, there’s so much myth around cellulite, such as the following. “Do men get cellulite?” Light cellulite, but we don’t get it like woman because our fasciocutaneous ligaments, which mean the ligaments that connect the layers that surround our muscle to our skin, are pointed in a 45 degree direction, while yours are in a 90 degree direction for women. So when the fasciocutaneous ligaments are pointed in a 90 degree, you get fat that peeps out and then you got these walls, so fat goes up and the walls are there, I’m gonna show you a little graphic today I did. And I’m just waving to all of my new friends on Instagram. So cellulite is what we’re gonna talk about today. Cellulite is the bane of people’s existence. They’ve tried everything. I think we have some of the best motives, or sorry, we have some of the best machines, excuse me, for cellulite. We have some of the best treatment of cellulite. ArleneArlene says hello, and how you doing, Arlene? Welcome to Facebook and our night. So cellulite machines that we have are Cellfina, which is an actual, sort of a mini electric drill that actually cuts the bands of the cellulite under local, so you don’t have to be asleep. And we also have TightLase. And TightLase is great, because TightLase allows us to laser, and JennaBaby says hello on Instagram, hi, JennaBaby. TightLase allows us to laser the top layer of the back of the leg or the buttocks after a surgery or after what we’re doing. And it allows to kind of, sort of just flatten all those areas out, because cellulite has several components. You can have a really deep rock of cellulite, which may need fat grafting. So you may need fat grafting, a Cellfina, some heat inside the body and heat outside the body. So saying all that, we’re gonna get started. So I have some graphics that kind of tell us everything that was just saying, but it’s easy, kind of, to see in graphic form. And what you have here, again, trusty old laptop. And sometimes it’s hard to see this.

– [Ash] There’s an error message on it.

– Oh, there’s an error message, all right, hold up.

– [Joe John] , all right, go live now.

– So, one second here, we are gonna bring this right back up and what I wanted to show you on this, is how interesting cellulite can be. And cellulite is really hard to get rid of. I mean, what do you think, Ash, tell us?

– [Ash] Even when I’m losing weight, as you’re getting older it’s very difficult to get–

– Even when you’re losing weight. Even when you’re getting older, it can be very difficult to remove. So what we’re doing now is, computers do as computers do, kind of do some weird stuff. So I’m just trying to get you back on there. And so, here we go, with normal skin and then cellulite. And hopefully you can see this. Maybe you could turn off that light there. Maybe we’re getting this sort of glare. Better, is that better? Okay, so if you can see this, you’re alive. Mira, Mira Mokbel says hello. Hi, Mira, Mya, I’ll see you soon. So Butina Marques, how you doing? So here we go, here’s cellulite 101. Gosh, they’re really testy. And if you look here, this is normal skin and this is cellulite, it has these budges, and which causes bulges and valleys around it. So you see this bulge right in there. I’m gonna try to get it so all of you guys can see it at the same time. Normal skin, and then bulges right there. So you see, it forms a sort of cap around normal, sort of a vertical fasciocutanment. So BrendaHDZ wants to know do we have payment plans? Absolutely, for the cellulite, for anything, for Mommy Makeovers, for BBLs, for breast augmentation, yes, we do, so–

– [Joe John] How do you go live on this?

– You push that little–

– Plus?

– No, over to the, keep going, and we’re gonna go there, and you hit that, and you go live.

– [Joe John] That’s how you do it.

– [Dr. J] Yes.

– [Joe John] That’s last–

– Let’s see if it works and then you’ll come up and set it up. So again, this is the bubbles of fat that push up and cause these dimples. Oh, cool. And this is just normal skin. Most male cellulite is aligned at 45 degrees. And female cellulite is right at 90. Clarissa Melina, “Hi, I need to make an appointment soon.” We’re gonna put up on Facebook right now, that’s okay, if it’s not working don’t worry.

– [Joe John] Yeah, I’ll put it on.

– Yeah, put it on. We’re gonna put up how to get an appointment. We’re gonna put you up right there. Clarissa Melina wants to know about making an appointment and then also payment plans. So we have CreditNovo and we have CareCredit. Butina Marques, “Can you fix something someone else did “or I didn’t like?” Yes, we can. So again, we’re gonna put up the number, 210-910-5328. We should put that up on the, on Facebook, if we can. “Also, info on payment plans.” We’re gonna put up the payment plans now. We’re gonna put up our financing. Joe John’s gonna put it up in a minute. BrendaHDZ says, “I need a Mommy Makeover ASAP “but I’m scared.” Don’t be scared, we do five a week. And we’ve been doing five a week for a long time. Sonia al Farro, “Hi to my favorite doc, “if you’re having a promotion, “could I get the price locked in and make payments?” Yes, absolutely. Are you putting that up?

– [Joe John] Yeah, I’m going to.

– Okay, so he’s about to put up how to text us to get in touch with us. Clarissa Melina says, “What is the recovery time of Mommy Makeover?” This isn’t about cellulite, but we’re gonna talk about it. You can turn that light on a little bit more. I’m starting to get a little dark. SashaJam is watching, you know your boy is filming. But I want you to text us and call us. Debbie Terends Plankers, “What is the best lip fillers?” Oh, that all depends. We have several lips fillers, and there we go. There we have some promotions. We’re giving $250 off any surgery, any cellulite procedure, tonight, if you text us at 210-910-5328 right now. “What is the price range for Mommy Makeovers?” Mommy makeovers can vary, because we don’t know if you need just a breast, or a breast implant with lipo. You’re looking somewhere in the realm of 12999 all the way up to 20, but we’ll take care of you. We also have in-house financing where you put down 65%. We showed you how to do virtual consults. And Hurricane Ashley’s texting you guys on Instagram. You guys are really active tonight, it’s awesome. Monica Pruitt, “Sorry, do y’all,” yes we do. Melissa Merana’s watching. Hi, Melissa. Melissa’s an awesome, awesome person who’s watching with us and for HIPA reasons I won’t go over what she or who she is but you guys can ask her. As far as YouTube goes, again, here’s our cellulite through here. We have, again, financing through CareCredit or CreditNovo. You can go right to my website right now and download from the menu button all onto that. Mercy Esther says, “California’s in the house.” Welcome, California, we love you. So let’s go back, so now you have these little areas, which are herniations of fat, okay? And if you guys need other other questions, you can always text us to 210-910-5328. Let’s see if this actually works for the poor Twitter people who will never get to see us today. Maybe this is minus 23, maybe I couldn’t put on there.

– [Joe John] I was thinking the same.

– Oh, man, that’s probably what happened. Okay, now we can go live. So what happened with Twitter here, our Twitter fans, here we go, it’s going live, we’re now live. So you’ll have to come over here and put this in.

– [Joe John] There it is.

– And as Joe John, and he’s our engineering tonight, as he is all the time. ArleneArlene says, “I want a Mommy Makeover, “but I don’t know what to get.” Sorry Instagram, you’re getting jacked a little bit. Well, Mommy Makeovers go hand in hand with all the stuff that we do. We do one Mommy Makeover a day, pretty much three or four days a week and those can be anything.

– [Joe John] There you go.

– It says ended, I think you hit it. You have to do all that again. No, right here and then go live. You have to put what’s happening again.

– [Joe John] It’s on, take it .

– So again, we’re trying to do our Twitter. I’m sorry, it’s getting there. Buster Cerna is here.

– [Buster ] Hello, Dr. J.

– Hello, Buster. So let’s go on to the next slide

– [Ash] So the cellulite is where?

– So your cellulite’s in the skin.

– [Ash] Oh.

– So as you can see here, this is a butt with cellulite and butt without cellulite. And if you can see, the butt with cellulite has those dimples. And remember I just showed you those dimples. And the dimples push up into, and push the fat outward, and also there’s some dimpling around the fat. And then on the other side, you can see a leg without much cellulite. So you can see that right there. So, again, Twitter, I’m sorry. We just started, but we are talking about cellulite tonight. So people don’t like this view. And I’ve heard of all kinds of things; wraps, heat, caffiene, what do you say, Ash, coffee?

– [Ash] Coffee, taking a–

– Coffee scrubs that’s just temporary. To get rid of the cellulite you need to do something with the skin and if it’s real deep you need to push it out. So again, doing something with the skin and pushing it out. We have technologies for both.

– [Ash] What about a laser?

– Dena Pitters, “Is the best method to remove cellulite “CoolSculpting?” Great, great, great questions, Dena. I’m glad you’re watching. So CoolSculpting does not get rid of cellulite. All CoolScultping does is remove some of the chunky fat. If you wanna get rid of this you are gonna have to laser re-surface this, and you’re gonna have to do something either to fill in these deep gouges with fat grafting, or you’re gonna to use a Cellfina, which is a small drill that I’m gonna show you in a minute what it looks like, right there. And what that Cellfina does, which we have one, is it cuts these bands, you see that? How cool that is? And uses what they call a piezoelectric drill, say that a million times fast. Piezoelectric drill, okay? And this drill does a good job of just cutting through these bands. They just cut right through these bands. ReneeVidal399 says, “Recovery time for gyno?” One to four weeks, good question. has been retweeting us, and Dena says, “Very cool.” So again, this piezoelectric drill, once I numb you up, it’s powered by a 120-volt or 110-volt, and it just rotates and cuts these bands, which is super cool, because that’s the root of this problem. And then we resurface with a TightLase. So we do both. virtual consult room. We normally have three or four, so if you wanna get in line you go to my website and you look down the menu button. You’ll see virtual consults and it’ll tell you exactly how to get in.

– [Ash] How long does a Cellfina procedure take?

– So hold on one second. Georgina Garza Flora says, “I love your work “but I’m nervous.” I know, I know you’re nervous. It’s okay, you’re not the only one, all right? I have people so nervous they’re sweating, like, profusely, and they’re embarrassed. So Cellfina, Hurricane Ashley wants to know, and I’m sure you guys wanna know, this procedure takes about an hour, due to the posterior thighs, the buttocks area. And most people at posterior thighs and buttocks, okay?

– [Joe John] We have something on YouTube. “What is the resurfacing technique called?”

– So the resurfacing technique, good question, is called TightLase. And TightLase is awesome, because one you cut these bands, you still have to resurface the top. I’m trying to get you YouTubers in and you Instagramers in. Let me try–

– [Ash] With Cellfina, how many treatments do you need?

– So Cellfina, it’s not, it can be one, it can be two treatments. They’re approximately 1500 to $2900, depending on how many areas. If you want both back of your thighs, both buttocks areas, it’s in the 3,000 range. We have been adding some TightLase to that, to the top, especially, after we cut these bands. But as Dena asked me, CoolSculpting does not work with cellulite. It is just for de-bulking, it’s for deep fat, doesn’t do that. Jessica Zimmora, our lovely front desk manager’s watching. ArleneArlene, “How many procedures do you need to get,” and let’s see, anything after the word get, so maybe she’ll do that, so, oh ZoeyFox914 asks if one treatment works. No, sometimes, sometimes, yes. The problem with cellulite is that you may need more than one treatment, in general. If it’s light cellulite, you barely see it, then yes. ZoeyFox, “Is it permanent, “or will the bands eventually grow back?”

– The bands can grow back at various , because one you can these bands, they can re-adhese to each other. So what we like to do is you come back for maintenance. And you can maintenance with TightLase, because as these bands grow you’re gonna get wrinkles again. So TightLase, T-I-G-H-T-L-A-S-E. We actually include one TightLase on all your Cellfina. We used to charge for that. We wanted just to make sure that you understand it. Mya Amockubel-Ukbell says, “Hello.” Hello. Studblazer just joined us on Twitter, so it’s awesome. Let’s go to the next side.

– [Ash] Wait, what’s the downtime for this Cellfina process?

– So let me show you this next slide. And the downtime, you’re looking that, you’re gonna have some bruising, and I’ll show you the bruising in this buttocks that we did. If you can look here, I hope it’s not too overexposed. So the buttocks on this black side here, on the right, is pre-op, okay? I’m gonna underexpose my face so you can get a better view. And you can see cellulite, cellulite. This is about one week after. And you can see the bruising and the swelling, and this is three months. So as you see, the body’s starting to tighten this. And she also had one round of TightLase. So you can see that back of the legs, Cellfina, Cellfina, Cellfina, Cellfina, four . From what people who have had this done, they say it’s kind of hard to sit. I guess that was your–

– [Ash] —

– Oh, so this kind of takes a little bit more than just a lunchtime issue. You’re probably gonna have to be with us a couple of hours, we like to give you a little Valium and something to kind of relax you and something for the pain. Because the pain only is from the initial injection of all the lidocaine. Melissa Quelina says, “Hello, dear.” All right, let’s keep going. Here’s another buttocks we did with Cellfina. This is pre-op right here, lots of dimpling. Smoothing out over the course of three months. Now, she also had some TightLase, had some Cellfina. So again, you can’t just cure cellulite with creams and weird things and coffee scrubs, for Christ’s sake.

– [Ash] With your maintenance, do you have to come in once a year?

– So it depends. We were just asked how many times do you have to maintain? Well, everybody’s skin ages differently. So if you’re in your 30’s and you get this done, you may not need more than once year. If you’re in your 40’s, or 50’s, or 60’s, you may need two or three times a year. Nobody can really tell. And we have a lot of people joining us from Twitter. We have a lot of people joining us from Instagram. And I’ve been waving at all you guys, and ZoeyFox, “Is it permanent?” I already answered that, it’s not technically permanent. Now, Cellfina does have a guarantee that if it comes back in five years, they have a C.Y.A. Isn’t that interesting? Cover you guarantee, that allows you to get a Cellfina at half price, which is awesome. So, Dena Pitter on YouTube, “Is this procedure considered body sculpting, “non-surgical, lipo, or cellulite reduction?” This is a non, well the Cellfina is mildly surgical, or minor procedure, the TightLase is all laser. So I would say minor procedure with a little bit of laser sprinkled in, which is why people like it. It’s because, after you put the local in, you really don’t feel it. So this is the laser called the Fotona. And the Fotona does a bunch of things. It does vaginal tightening, it even does toe fungus. We don’t do that, but it does a lot of things. It does snoring. So you could use this machine if you have snoring. And we’ll just laser the back of your mouth. It does resurfacing, such as facial resurfacing. It does posterior thigh resurfacing, as what we were just talking about. It’s a very versatile machine. It does hair removal in minutes, because it has a huge spot size of about that big. And that’s a huge spot size for laser hair removal. It does something called a 4D facelift where we heat up the tissue on the outside, then go inside your mouth and shrink the mucosa so you have a really shrunken face. So NellaBella, NellaBella says, “Wow.” Wow, Nella, thanks for watching. So again, we use this and what we do is we’re gonna concentrate mainly on the posterior thighs here. So I’m gonna show you something without Cellfina, with just the Fotona TightLase, which again, is the TightLase is non-surgical, non-invasive, laser only. It takes anywhere between four and eight treatments, so it depends on how serious your cellulite is. So here’s a butt that was done without Cellfina, with just TightLase, okay? So you could see the butt, on the bottom. There’s some saddlebags, there’s some saddlebags there. There’s some cellulite, it looks tighter to me. And even though it’s a very subtle difference on some, you’ll see no more saddlebags, you’ll see all this loose skin is now better. And what you see here is all this stuff right here just tightens up. This is a several month view of what you can expect from a just TightLase only. We’re gonna put up our virtual consults. If you’d like to set one up, there’s the number right there. We normally get three or four a night, so I really want you to get into the virtual consult so we can say hi to you. Again, Hurricane Ashley just put up text us your name, phone number, and email. If you do that, you get $250 off your surgery tonight. And you can get up, so they can get a $99, 20 unit Jeuveau, which is just like Botox. It’s a 900 Kilo Dalton neuromodulator, which when placed in the forehead, crows feet or glabella will stop motion. So again, we are here for you for the $99, 20 unit Botox. And just as a side note, Dena, who’s joining me on YouTube is waiting for you guys to enter into a casting call for mother-daughter makeovers and surgeries. If you want to do that, we’ve put the instructions on how to do it above. And it is for an upcoming TV show. We’re pretty psyched about it. And if you want to enter it, you need to enter it at mother daughter, let me see if I have it here.

– [Joe John] I put it–

– And we just put it at the bottom of–

– [Joe John] Facebook.

– Facebook, and then Ashley, you’ll put it in at the bottom of Instagram, and then we also have it, we just posted it on Twitter. And we are just going actually post it on YouTube, as well. A lot of my friends are joining. Joy Villareala’s joining, Norma Coralis is joining. And we’re just putting the email, we just–

– [Ash] We also offer financing at the same time.

– Awesome, any one of these procedures, we offer financing, as well. So here’s one right here, a beautiful buttocks. So some people say, “Well, why did she need anything?” Well, let me tell you, people come in and shadows are very mean. And when shadows are mean like this, you get people who just wanna just fix a few things. And that’s fine, we’re in this business to fix small things, we’re in this business to fix big things. And again, on this side is, right here you could see some extra skin, some shadowing, it’s getting tighter and it’s getting tighter, this is after six treatments. Ecstatic, ecstatic, ecstatic. This person is ecstatic and loves her treatment. So again, pre-op, pre cellulite, about midway through the treatment, and after six to eight treatments. It’s a really, really good machine. The worst that you’re gonna feel after that machine is some redness and some down time. And the downtime really has to do with the redness and it just feels hot, but it’s not terrible, and it’s doable. Kathy Werd says, “I don’t get no reply back.” From 210-27, well, just give it some time. The person that replies will be getting back to you ASAP. Right now she, the normal person that replies is indisposed. So she will definitely get back to you, just don’t worry about it, we will get to you.

– [Ash] Within the next 24 hours.

– Even within the next 12 to 24 hours. Kathy, don’t worry about it, we will definitely get back to you. As long as you’ve already texted us, we’ve got your name and number. That qualifies you for the $99 dollar, 20 unit Jeuveau. You are saving, jeez, you’re saving half price on 20 units. So just stick with us, Kathy, you’re gonna be fine, something’s gonna be there to do that. So again, here’s your TightLase right here. Again, pre, extra loose skin, about three sessions in, and then post, so exceptional, exceptional. How about in the beginning, what is cellulite? Just to recap you guys, cellulite is the following. It’s these pushed out segments of fat, dimpling, that causes all this dimpling. And these little fasciocutaneous, fascia is the stuff that surrounds muscle, cutaneous comes all the way up to the skin. That tethers, but the fat is pushed out and gives these lumps and bumps. Bama Rodgers is watching, “Hey, all.” Hey, Bama, one of our great, great friends to the practice. A top fan, we appreciate you. Tons of people are waving at me, I’m trying to get to you guys all. Back to this, we do offer financing. And today is a very special day, because we are doing a mother-daughter casting call for an upcoming TV pilot versus full series. We are actively looking for new clients, or even if you’ve been with me before and you’re a mother-daughter to come back and get something else done. And this is a professional filming for an upcoming TV show. So we want to get you guys involved. The casting agent is actually on right now, so. And Dena just joined us. We’re gonna put And we’re putting it in YouTube. I’m sorry, we just put it in Facebook and in Instagram. Do not miss this, we’re gonna put it on tomorrow and the next few days, and by that time, we should have 10 to 20 people. So you guys gotta get on it, I’m telling you, it’s a once in a lifetime. Dena says hello on Facebook. That’s the agent that we were talking to, Ash. So, hello, Dena, right? And what else? So back to the cellulite, again, these things are why you get cellulite. You get the fat that protrudes with these areas called fasciocutaneous ligaments. And again, the Cellfina drills through these ligaments and then the top. And looks like Bama, Bama, I know you know people who are mothers and daughters. So you can always text or email Dena, at, Bama, and give us some ideas for mothers and daughters who want upgrades, who wanna do it together, who wanna have revision surgeries. Whatever’s the case, we’re gonna give Dena a lot of love and show her that we care. She’s doing a great job as a casting agent from Toronto, which I love, I love Toronto.

– [Ash] Aw, Adrienne’s on.

– And Adrienne, one of our great friends is on.

– [Ash] Great friends ?

– Yup.

– [Ash] .

– I know who it is. Man, go somewhere else . So this is the cellulite right here. Cellulite, non-cellulite. Everybody wants to get from there to there. And how do you do it? Well, a little weight loss helps. Genetics absolutely doesn’t help. Bama sent Dena a mother and daughter. Bama, now we know why we love you so much. Not only are you a great friend of the practice, you’ve sent us a lot of patients, we appreciate you, but you’re helping us out with casting calls. So Dena is very excited. So again, how do you get from here to here? This, I would start out by using a little bit of liposuction because we wanna shrink the skin with a little bit of smart lipo. We also want to get at the deeper pitting with Cellfina, then TightLase, and then TightLase, and then eventually you can get somewhere close to that. I would say you’d be a sheet of paper like this, but if I could get you real close to that, I think you guys would be very happy. Again, to get from here and here, I would tell you that we would do the little bit of posterior lipo first, then we would cut the fasciocutaneous bands with the Cellfina. Then we would do a little bit of TightLase. And you may need three to six treatments of a TightLase. So just let us know. Here are the bands being cut, again, by the Cellfina. The Cellfina cores these areas out and cuts these bands. And also, so you’re taking these bands that are pulling stuff down and when you cut across them it releases the bands. So again, cuts across them, releases the bands, ugh.

– [Ash] It’s too small.

– [Joe John] Yeah, you can’t see them on Twitter.

– Yes, okay.

– [Joe John] Oh, I can see.

– So that’s it with that. This is Cellfina again. We list that at about, somewhere in the realm of 1999, to upwards of 3990, depends on how many areas they do it, that we want to do it, cutting the bands. Cutting the bands sometimes aren’t enough. Even though we have great results like this, we also add a little TightLase to it. Anna9129 says, “Can I go in for a consult “for a couple of things I need?” But of course, Anna, on Instagram. Ashley will type in how to get ahold of us. You send us a text with your name, email, phone number to 210-910-5328, we are giving away $99, 20 unit Jeuveaus.

– [Ash] Or she could see you tonight.

– Or she can see, if you wanna do a consultation tonight, we can do a virtual consult tonight, Anna. You got to my website, and you click on the hamburger button at the top left. It’ll drop down, it’ll say virtual consult, it’ll lead you right into my virtual consult room and we’ll do that later. And we also put the virtual consult, Hurricane Ashley just put Virtual Consult at https/docsmedrjenebyconsult. Deborah Spear, one of the great friends of the practice is watching as well, so we appreciate you Deborah. So this is Cellfina with combination. Combination of Cellfina and TightLase to get to something from here which has dents, this is about one week after, and this is right close to about three months after several treatments. Again, to get to something like that isn’t a one-time treatment. You can’t just have Cellfina and you can’t just have TightLase. Although, if they’re very light, like here, if you’re starting here, you could do a little bit of TightLase. And back to that. What I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna go into my And we already have several people in the waiting room. So what time is it now?

– [Joe John] 8:04.

– It’s exactly 8:00, so we’re gonna start to wind this down. Does anybody wanna know about financing, we’re gonna put up our financing page real soon. And I’m gonna get back into the waiting room and see where you guys are and make sure that you guys understand where we are. And that way, from the waiting room. Oh, the light is bright now. Sorry, I had to turn it down a little bit.

– [Joe John] Want me to turn down?

– No, no, we’re good now. The light was a little bright, but we had to have it light. So we have three patients in the queue. We appreciate it. Sarah Giphart, “Mom, should we do this?” Yes, you should, Racine, Sarah Giphart, you should be texting, right there, Dena Pitter. And we put her email, Even if you think about that you wanna do it, Dena is so fun to talk to, that she will talk you how this is going to work. And it’s an excellent program for mothers and daughters who are thinking about surgery. And you really should think about it. So we have three people in the virtual waiting room. They’re all waiting to have consults. If you want to show me what you need to show me, then I’ll be watching you in our waiting room called the, ME Waiting Room, that way I can see you. Even on just your phone, you don’t even need a computer, you can use your phone and we can do virtual consults. You could just show me your iPhone, you’re gonna be showing me everything. Bama says, “Anyone who want to volunteer “to be my daughter, I’ll get something else done.” Nice try , that’s awesome. So anybody else have any questions? Otherwise, we’re just gonna go into a few more financing things. We are going to be using, we use several options for financing. You can even finance this procedure. You could use CareCredit or you can use CreditNovo. We also take Alphaeon, and we do in-house, too. But the in-house to be a minimum of 4500 to $5,000. And we take 65 to 75% down, and then we finance 25 to 35% in a year. There’s a lot of people joining us on Instagram. Thank you very much for joining, and I’m trying to wave at you guys all. It’s very difficult, I appreciate it. You guys who are wanting this mother-daughter jam, I would seriously tell you guys to hit and contact Dena right now or in the next few hours, or even in the morning and she’ll queue you in. For those of you guys who want the $99 20 units, either in the glabella, the forehead, or the smile lines, you have to text us to 201-270-8595, 201-270-8595. Name, phone number, and email, and what you want done.

– [Ash] How much is it for one area?

– So 33Girl says, “How much is it for one area of lipo?” That depends how big the area is and what you’re talking about, but one area lipo is usually not what people get. They usually get two to four. And then we’d probably do one area of lipo under a local anesthetic. So why don’t you let us know. And what you think is one area, may be actually two. So text us, 33Girl, if you want to come into the virtual consult I’ll be doing them. We now have five people in the consult room. So I’ll be doing consults tonight. And I can actually look at that area and give you a little bit more knowledge on how much that’s going to be. So we are getting toward the end. I wanna just wrap this up by saying cellulite is very difficult, it’s not easy. Butt creams, endermology, and all that other stuff doesn’t work longterm. 33Girl, “My back, I got my implants and lipo “with you, like, two years ago.” Then you have to call us and then we’ll see that. If you’d like to do your back and you did not do your back then, “Now I think I need it.” So we always tell people try to get a 360 on yourself especially, we try to pinch the right things. We don’t wanna force anything. But a lot times, in the last 18 years, I’ve kind of started to let you see that there’s other options, including lipo the back, or 360 lipo, where we can lipo the front and the back. We are closing out our 20 unit Jeuveau, customers only. 20 units here, 20 units here, or 20 units here. For $99, gets you in, gets you used to our girls, which you’re gonna love. We have two locations, one in Stone Oak and one in the Wurzbach area. Last, but not least, don’t forget to follow me on YouTube. YouTube we don’t have as many followers yet, but we’re getting there. Dena says 51, and I’ll get with her on that, what 51 is. Does that mean how many people applied? Not sure. But our YouTube is just getting off the ground. We’re starting to get 15 to 18,000 views, is that a week, right? 15 to 18,000 views a week, that’s pretty good of us. We just really go involved in it. So we’re very happy to have it. And 33Girl, please text us or call our office, we’ll definitely hook you up.

– [Joe John] Oh, she meant, we weren’t putting motherdaughtercasting51 at the name.

– Oh, motherdaughtercasting51@gmail. We’re gonna put the motherdaughtercasting51@gmail. I’m sorry about that Dena, I thought I had that down pact. Motherdaughter, we’re gonna put the right email. Motherdaughtercasting51, let’s make sure of that. What is that over there?

– [Joe John] I got it.

– 51, we’re so sorry, we’re gonna put it all up now. Looks like Kathy Werd is texting me her phone number. You probably don’t wanna do that, but we just put up the new motherdaughtercasting51. We’re gonna put it up three more times. And Kathy, I think are you trying to text us your number? Or you’re trying to text it to Dena? If you’re trying to text it to Dena, it’s We’re gonna put it quickly on YouTube, we’re gonna put it back on Twitter, and we’re gonna put it on Instagram. Motherdaughtercasting51. We’re also gonna put all of our specials. Sarah Giphart says, “Racine, we should do this.” Yes, you should do this. If you’re interested in doing this, you have to send an email to motherdaughtercasting51@gmail. It just went above you, you can see it in our Facebook feed, we’re gonna put it in our Instagram feed, we’re gonna put it in our Twitter feed, and we’re gonna put it in our YouTube feed. Mona Mendez Villarela’s watching. Nick DaVinci, “Great live as always. “Good job, Dr. J, and Joe-John.” Do you know who Nick DaVinchi is?

– Yeah.

– Okay.

– He’s–

– So you have an active fan, dude. So we’re gonna be wrapping this up. $20, or sorry , 20 unit for $99. You’re not gonna get better than that, this is the real stuff. You can come to one of two locations, Stone Oak or Wurzbach. Dr. Eric Williams just got on, which is incredible. And Happy Birthday, old man, I’m right behind you. Dr. Williams is a successful urologist in Springfield, Missouri. And Springfield, Missouri is infinitely better than where were when we first started, so Happy Birthday, old man. And then we have the Billy Madison special, which is 5999 for a breast augmentation with two to three areas of lipo. “When do these specials expire?” The special for tonight, oh the Brazilian butt lift expires at the end of September, and so does the breast special. So if you want it, you have to call us, put a deposit, come in, put a deposit. Once you put the deposit, it holds that for six months to one year, it depends on what you get. But we need to you hold your deposit with that.

– [Ash] How much was new boobs?

– So the breasts were 5999, but it includes two areas or lipo and silicon or saline implants. So you can get your muffins done, your anterior abdomen, maybe your upper back or your axcilla added on to your breast.

– [Ash] Four areas?

– I think it’s two to four areas. I don’t remember right now, but it is a very good special. And the girls know it when you call in tomorrow. You have to text us 210-910-5328. And send your name and email and phone number to this number to lock in those specials. So I really appreciate everybody for tuning. We’re gonna keep this live for a few minutes. I have about four or five people in the waiting room that I’m gonna turn my attention to in the next minute. If you wanna get on, go to the virtual consult. Nobody knows you’re in there, nobody knows your name, nobody knows that you’re in the waiting room. It’s just me and you. So I really appreciate you guys watching. If you have any other questions, if you’re looking for the Mommy Makeover pilot show that we are helping to start with Dena, it’s going to be, Oh, MsG81Miss says, the 99 20 unit expires tonight. So you have to send in, 210-910-5328 right now. And then we’ll hold that special for you and we’ll hold it for a little bit. Not for long, maybe a week, two weeks, but you gotta get in. So make sure that the Jeuveau special, that you’ve gotta book it tonight. These are just for tonight. The September specializes for the buttocks and the breasts are for the rest of the month. And we also have great specials on that have all of our awesome specials. And of course, being a plastic surgeon owned spa, you have great backing of a board certified plastic surgeon in case there’s an issue, which there really never is. But that’s it, I really enjoy you guys. My batteries are running a little low. So I have to take some consults. Tonight only, we’re gonna put up one more time the Mommy Makeover. MsGS81 says, “Thank you, your videos are very educational. “Keep them up.” Thank you so much, write a comment, don’t forget to follow, subscribe, and this the notification bell, because every time we put up a video, you’re gonna get to see it and your gonna be in the private club, and Joe-John, the engineer here, will pick a subscriber every week for a little bit of a prize. So make sure you’re on it, as well. I really appreciate you guys showing up, Joe John appreciates it, Hurricane Ashley, the whole staff at the Plastic and Cosmetic Center appreciates it, I personally appreciate. I know you’ve got a lot going on, you wanna go to sleep. We’re trying to do this so that you have some time. We have a lot of people sitting in Del Hoyos, Jessie Powers, and Mona Mendez Villarela. Aw, she gave us a nice little heart. We appreciate you. Don’t forget, apply for the motherdaughter51@gmail, for email for mother-daughter surgeries. And also, if you want the $99 Jeuveau, you have to text tonight, 210-910-5328, tonight. Loved seeing you guys tonight. I’m gonna be signing off and Dena and I will be talking soon about to make sure that you’re involved in our future pilot. Alma, thank you very much for coming in. I’m out.


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