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FAQ & Tips: Preop & Surgery Day

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FAQ & TIPS: Preop and Day of Surgery and Postop General

Do not drink red wine or alcohol in general for 2 weeks before surgery Do not have aspirin or aspirin containing products and NSAIDS (motirn , naproxasin, advil, Excedrin, or any Cold/Allergy remedies with any of those products) Ask you pharmacist or Dr. Jeneby to clarify. Even for minor procedures (Botox/ Fillers/Lip Enhancement) you can incur mod to severe bruising . Let Dr. Jeneby know if you are on Plavix, Coumadin, or any other Blood Thinner prior to surgery. Do not take your Diabetic Medications on an empty stomach but bring it with you to the center and ewe can administer it to you Intraop or Postop.

First Starts Surgeries (7 am or earlier): Come at 5:30am if you are coming to the hospital or 6 if you are coming to our center. Plastic and Cosmetic Center. BRING ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDS WITH YOU> We do not have pills to give you. This will delay your surgery.

Second Surgeries or Later: Come 1.5 before your surgery for the center and 2 hours before your surgery at the hospital.

Bring warm clothes, water and/ or vitamin enhanced beverage (Gatorade or G2(low carb) /vitamin water ) snacks you like, music w/headphones and emergency contact numbers, & your medications (all of your normal meds + the prescription meds we prescribed for you). Bring pillows and a blanket for the car ride home and for the post op area.

Wash the night before and the morning of surgery with an antibacterial soap (dial or Hibiclens from walgreens/CVS) all areas of the body with emphasis on the areas of surgery. We can sell hibiclens to you for 4$ but you must pick this up before surgery.

When you arrive at the center be prepared to give a urine sample for pregnancy dip test(only will be waived if you have your tubes tied or a hysterectomy). You will also get a nicotine dip for proof of smoking cessation. We also require two forms of ID.


You will be given an IV of relaxation meds AFTER you have signed your anesthesia consents.

Can i Take Xanax Before Surgery

Do not take xanax , pain pills or any other relaxation pills . Take only the pills Dr. Jeneby told you to take (antiseizure meds and high blood pressure meds for example ) at 4 in the morning with a sip of water for First Start cases and normal time for all other cases(second or third cases) . Make sure you receive instruction on which meds to take Dr. Jeneby Will give you an IV antibiotic during surgery. you do not need to take your own. But bring them to the center.

You will wake up and be in recovery where you will receive pain meds & anti-nausea meds. When discharge criteria are met (Can urinate(or will need a tube overnight), walk, and be in tolerable pain control) you may go home. If you are going to an overnight facility(Hospital or Remington Medical resorts (Babcock and Hamilton Wolfe)) You will be getting a ride to the Resort. The hospital may come with an ambulance service or car service or your significant other/friend may be asked to drive you there.

At home you need to rest. Ice 1 hour on and 30 min off for most procedures. Elevate your Head of Bed 45 degrees or pillows or sleep in a recliner. For at least 3 days. Swelling is expected! Bruising is expected. Breasts and Faces will be VERY swollen. Bruising from Lipo can be significant..

You may have a pain ball . This will be empty at 4 days. You can remove this yourself by removing all dressings and pulling on the tubes. They will come out fairly easily, then cover your incisions with gauze and place in Bra, Ace Bandage or Garment. YOUR GARMENT MAY NOT COME IN FOR A WEEK or TWO. We found that early garments never fit right the first week, so we give you your garments after the first week after surgery when you come in . Don’t worry , 1-2 weeks without a garment is not going to make much of a difference. It is the long haul that counts. Body Garments should be worn for 8 weeks ALL THE TIME and another 4 weeks at night. Face /Neck Garments should be worn for 2 weeks straight all the time and another 4 weeks at night. The longer you wear it , the better you are!

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